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About Chloe Ew

Chloe Ew
26 | Aquarius | INTJ | She/Her | Wizard

Chloe Elizabeth W. is an illustrator. Born and raised in Houston, TX – Chloe currently resides in Portland, OR.
Chloe created Wizard Babe from the ashes of her passions – that, and when you cannot find a wizard hat pin for your growing collection, make one and a whole company for yourself... Typical logic, right?

All designs are done completely by me, professionally produced, and packed with love AND other goodies! Your support means the worst and helps my sad art kid lifestyle thrive a lil’ bit brighter;; I cannot thank you enough.

I practice to improve my craft each day. My Instagram ‘stories’ feature my own 365 challenge, #FACEADAY. This is a second time around the sun with this project; I completely the challenge five years ago as well. I draw an image with a face each day for at least a year.
You can keep tabs on that daily art project, more original art, personal updates, and more on Instagram: @wizirdsbaker or @wizardbabeco!